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Relations with stakeholders

The strengthening of confidence and improvement of relationships with all parts of society which interact with the Bank is a prerequisite for the continuous improvement of our operations. In all we do, our goal is to meet the needs and expectations of all stakeholders, from care for the needs of our clients, employees, development of the local communities in which we are active, care for environmental protection, to creating new value for shareholders.

With our stakeholders we maintain open, two-way communication:

  • We inform our stakeholders systematically through traditional channels (press conferences, press releases, interviews and media guest appearances, advertising) and on-line channels (internet, newsletter etc). We regularly report on the Bank’s operations through annual reports and other specialized publications (Company Profile, Macroeconomic Forecasts, Weekly Forecasts etc). All information related to the operations of PBZ is available to clients by e-mail on and a free phone line on 0800 365-365.
  • We regularly follow external market research, undertake monitoring and our own research into employee satisfaction and focus groups. 


One of the basic prerequisites of our operations is confidence – the confidence we give through credit and the confidence we receive through savings. This is an extremely important process, not just for the functioning of the bank itself but for the entire market and the economy. Confidence is the result of long-term and quality relationships with our clients built on dialogue, transparent operations and the quality of our products and services. 

In order to improve our relationships with our clients: 

  • We have made many channels of communication available – from a broad network of branches for direct contact, our website, e-mail, a free info phone, direct mailing, promotion materials etc.
  • We have improved our system of managing complaints, which we endeavor to resolve promptly and in which we see opportunities to improve
  • We are dedicated to systematic assessment of client satisfaction through a range of research which helps us create products according to the wishes and needs of various groups of clients
  • And we always support innovative solutions which result in new products, in order to contribute to the development of the society we live in.


To attain our business goals it is necessary to have satisfied and motivated employees. They are the ones who are responsible for the development of the company and are a key factor in the success of our operations. Therefore at Privredna bank Zagreb, activities are constantly being developed to encourage and motivate employees. PBZ carefully and thoroughly plans the development and training of its employees, invests in creating a pleasant working environment and endeavors to make it possible to fulfill the professional ambitions of each individual.

The internal communication system is very well developed and available to all employees through a variety of channels: Intranet, e-mail, the internal magazine “Moja banka”, the internal newsletter “PBZXpress” and a pilot project of internal web television.


Privredna banka Zagreb gives its shareholders and the financial public timely, clear and objective information on its operations through all available channels and documents (Annual and periodical Reports, the Company Profile, Reports on Corporate Governance, Review of activities in the area of social responsibility,, press releases, various presentations).

The Bank applies a Code of Corporate Governance.

Suppliers and partners

The basic goal of improving the system of procurement is to build long-term relationships with our suppliers and partners. Cooperation is deepened to our mutual satisfaction through dialogue and exchange of know-how, as well as through a professional approach and strict respect for rules and procedures. A major step forward in this direction was the introduction of the E-procurement system, which ensures transparency and correctness in the process of selecting suppliers.


Privredna banka Zagreb is active throughout the Republic of Croatia. In its operations it takes account of the different desires and needs of the local communities and contributes to their development through the active engagement of its regional branches.

The Bank is open to cooperation and dialogue with not-for-profit organizations and NGOs and willingly responds to initiatives which contribute not only to the economic but also the social and cultural growth of this country.