I want Digital banking

Studying will be even easier with PBZ digital banking because all the banking services you need are just a few clicks away!

Take advantage of the innovative benefits of PBZ digital banking and transact business directly from mobile phones, computers or tablets.

Contract PBZ digital banking at the nearest PBZ Branch Office or via internet banking.


With PBZ digital banking, at any time, you have an insight into the status of your accounts, you can check whether you have received a payment or a scholarship without going to a branch.

Control the costs without logging into the application, save it with the interactive virtual box and enjoy fast and easy payment methods.

Digital banking is part of the PBZ Index plus student package.

With PBZ Digital Banking you can quickly and easily:

  • Check your account balance with the help of cell phones or smart watch
  • pay to your contacts
  • take pictures of payouts and use the option to automatically complete the order
  • save money when you want in the virtual cash box by tapping your finger

Learn how to arrange PBZ digital banking.