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  • Signature Screen

Signature Screen is a service of Privredna banka Zagreb, with which we can together contribute to environment protection and nature conservation. By contracting this free service, upon completion of a transaction in the bank office, instead of using paper documents we use electronic documents which are signed and certified before they are sent to your e-mail account. Authorization of documents is simple and safe, and it is done with a digital signature or PIN. 



  • Bike 2 Work

During the month of June, the Cyclists' Union conducted the “Bike 2 Work” campaign. The goal of the campaign was to encourage citizens to experience the advantages and benefits of cycling. Through active participation of our employees, PBZ won 3rd place in the "Bike 2 Work” campaign.

Visit for more information about the campaign.

PBZ supports commuting to work by bicycle through various projects. Thus, in early 2015 we installed change rooms with showers for cyclists. The process of constructing additional parking lots, which will replace the standard spirals with “staples” is under way. Cyclists have their own nook on the Bank's intranet and in almost every issue of the internal bulletin.


  • Urban Garden

The national Urban Gardens project, in partnership with PBZ, will again be transforming urban spaces into green oases this year. Urban Gardens allow citizens to grow their own organic food, contributing to the reduction of environmental pollution, bringing neighbours together and making cities less alienated and thus contributing to the community in which we live and work.

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EkoMrež - Urbani vrtovi zazelenili Hrvatsku (Urban Gardens Turned Croatia Green)


  • World Environment Day 2015

The World Environment Day is marked every year on 5 June on the anniversary of the United Nations Conference in Stockholm (1972) dedicated to the environment, where the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) was adopted.
Privredna banka Zagreb, as well as the entire Intesa Sanpaolo Group, marks this day with appropriate campaigns aimed at promoting the idea of protecting the environment and raising awareness about this burning issue.

The well-being of mankind, the environment and the functioning of the economy ultimately depend on the responsible management of the planet’s natural resources. There is more and more evidence that people consume far more natural resources than our planet can provide us with in a sustainable way. Many eco-systems on Earth are approaching the critical point of complete exhaustion or irreversible change, encouraged by high population growth and economic development. If the current models of consumption and production remain the same, and the population, in line with expectations, reaches the figure of 9.6 billion by 2050, we will need three planets to maintain our lifestyle and consumption style. Therefore, the topic of this year’s World Environment Day is "Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care."

WED 2015

Life in accordance with the limitations imposed on us by our planet is a strategy that is the most promising if we want to ensure a healthy future. The well-being of mankind cannot be at the expense of the planet. Living sustainably means making more and better with less, recognizing that the increased use of natural resources and the effects that it has on the environment are not a necessary by-product of economic growth.

One of the major problems of today's modern society is over-production of municipal waste. Municipal waste is household waste or waste from production and service activities, which in its properties, characteristics and composition is similar to household waste. It is mostly generated during normal daily activities, and its disposal and management is one of the biggest problems of municipalities and cities in Croatia, mainly because inappropriate treatment of this type of waste represents a significant loss of natural resources and energy, which directly threatens bio-balance of ecosystems and human health. Each of us with our responsible behaviour in everyday life can contribute to solving this problem – by separation and recycling of waste. On the Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection’s website you can view an interesting educational campaign: and find various interesting information.