Educa loans

A world in which I have an opportunity to learn is possible.
Ensure your money for the school tuition and costs of your study with an Educa loan on time. Select the amount and the repayment term with flexibility in using and repaying the loan.

PBZ Educa loans can be realised at your closest PBZ Branch Office.

PBZ Educa loans are intended for the payment of tuition fees in private secondary education or university (undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate or specialist) and for expenses of studying in the country and abroad.

Benefits of the PBZ Educa loans:

  • loan repayment term is up to 10 years
  • possibility of grace period up to 12 months
  • for loan amounts up to EUR 15,000 no insurance instruments are necessary
  • additional benefit of the loan for tuition fee payment - possibility of increasing the loan amount up to 15% for payment in cash to the student’s current account in HRK, respecting the maximum amount of the loan up to EUR 40,000
  • selection of the loan repayment - in equal monthly annuities, monthly instalments or by repayment through four repayment periods
  • possibility to select the loan repayment date - last day in a month or some other day
  • flexibility in using and repaying the loan - the loan principal can be repaid only upon the completion of the studies (if the period of the duration of the studies matches the period of using the loan)
  • the maximum deadline for the use of the loan is equal to the duration of regular studies/private secondary school programme, but maximally 6 years (except for loans for the payment of tuition fee with one-time use)
  • no fees for an early loan repayment

Additional information you can find:

  • on free info telephone 0800 365 365 
  • on telephone +385 1 4891 333
  • visit nearest PBZ Branch Office.