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Donations and sponsorships

Privredna banka Zagreb strives to contribute and show responsibility towards the wider community through donations and sponsorships. In 2016, a total of over 8 million HRK was allocated for sponsorships and donations supporting science and education, a number of organisations and individuals, and many cultural and other events, including sports events. With its long-term participation in the social life of the country through donations and sponsorships, PBZ seeks to contribute to development and to a generally better quality of life in Croatia.


PBZ actively participates in many social projects and supports many humanitarian, social and health institutions. Donations from 2016 include various programs dedicated to the improvement of education and health, as well as sports and cultural programs dedicated primarily to helping children and socially vulnerable groups in our society. These include a donation for the realisation of a program with young musicians in Varaždin, a donation to equip a school library in Nova Rača, a donation to a home for the elderly and infirm in Čakovec, and many others.


PBZ provides continuous support and incentives to a large number of projects related to culture, sports and science, contributing to the long-term development of these social areas.
In 2016, we supported numerous cultural events and institutions, among which we would like to highlight the following:
The main sponsor of the Nutcracker - Most Beautiful Christmas Fairytale exhibition at the Museum of Arts and Crafts, which was created as a collaboration between the Zagreb Museum of Arts and Crafts and the St. Petersburg State Museum of Theatre and Music, which for the first time on this occasion loaned artefacts to a foreign institution from its rich treasury from the St. Petersburg ballet premiere. In addition to the material from the premiere, the exhibition displayed costumes from Milan's Teatro alla Scala and the National Ballet of Berlin, spectacular costumes from a private Yuresha collection, and fabulous costumes from the CNT Zagreb.

Sponsorship of the Modern Gallery in Zagreb and its permanent exhibition of the best Croatian artists from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. All these works are masterpieces of landscape, figurative and abstract art, as well as portraits and animal sculptures.

We supported various cultural programs and institutions, such as the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb and Varaždin, as well as traditional folklore events, such as the Medieval Summer Festival, Vinkovci Autumns, Baroque Evenings, and many others.

The Doing Good Every Day Charity Project

The American Express Card with a Heart entered the market in 2008. It was created with the aim of assisting extremely important projects for the further growth and development of the community. For every payment using this card, the PBZ Group donates 1 HRK to the 'I'm Doing Good Every Day' charity project to help the Ministry of Health project Monitoring Children with Neurological Risks, and the Ministry of Social Policy and Youth project A Better Life for Children in Social Care Homes. The American Express Card with a Heart can be used without registration or a membership fee for the first year, and from the second year of using the card, PBZ Group donates 15 HRK of every membership fee for the primary user, and 10 HRK of every membership fee for every additional user of the card. Other users of American Express cards can contribute to the project by donating their collected Membership Rewards points. In addition, the option to donate is available at for the users of all American Express, MasterCard, Maestro and Visa cards, regardless of the issuing bank.
This long-term and continuous project of helping the community in which we operate achieved outstanding results in 2016. Thus, from 2008, when the project was launched, until the end of last year, a total of about 8.5 million HRK was collected, including more than 2 million HRK collected in 2016 alone. All the individual donations are described in detail on the project website: